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Category: Printer Service, Sales and Consumable Providers \ Connecticut \ Printer Service & Repair

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FireBall PC - West Granby, CT 06090 - 860.653.3219
Description: Fireball PC is an independently owned company with nationwide capability specializing in computer and printer repair, sales, service and upgrades.With a combined 32 years experience of IT support and service, Fireball PC and our technicians have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the computer and printer market.Our technical expertise has ensured we continue to enjoy a reputation for professional integrity, quality service and support, which we proudly maintain. Our extensive list of customers include small start up companies, home users, government agencies, U.S. Military, health institutions, financial, education, SOHO(Small Office/Home Office) as well as large corporate clients.

A Full Service Company
At Fireball PC, we strive to keep our business on a personal level with ALL of our customers, and to keep all of our sales on a one-on-one basis, something we feel that has been lost in the world of "super stores" and mass promotion advertising that with "fancy" wording, misleads people into buying products that are less than what is implied in advertising. We strongly believe in honesty, Integrity, and a strong ethical belief that every customer should be satisfied with their purchase and that every new customer is as important to us as our first was. We also believe that We Are Here for YOU, our reason we are in this business, not the other way around !!
Added Date: 5 Feb 2008
FireBall PC - West Granby, CT 06090 - 860.653.3219
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